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Top 10 concrete ways to show Compassion at your workplace

Oh wow! We had such a fruitful webinar experience today. We arranged a University of Helsinki HY+ webinar on “How to become a high-performing manager” with two amazing guests: the wonderful Kyla Mitsunaga (TED, Harvard, WithvsAt) from South Korea, and the brilliant Jussi Simolin (Innoduel) from Finland. I had the great pleasure to host the event with these superstars. Thanks to all the dozens of participants for joining in as well!

We co-created the content of the webinar WITH the audience

One of the key questions that always comes up when arranging webinars is: How to make the webinar experience interactive? We decided to experiment using Innoduel’s Arena by asking the participants a question regarding the theme: How do you show compassion at work? Based on our participants’ ideas, we were able to get a ranking of the top 10 concrete ideas of how to show compassion at work – in order to be a high-performing leader.


  1. I Listen to a colleague and ask how your colleague’s day is going
  2. I am being present
  3. I remember to say thank you. (and I am sorry)
  4. I give each person my full attention without smart phones or laptops.
  5. I let my colleagues know that I’m available for them in any situation they might be facing.
  6. I offer help to my colleague who may be under a lot of pressure.
  7. I listen, 360 degrees.
  8. Instead of speaking about problems, I talk about opportunities to improve the situation.
  9. I know my team and understand their personalities. I communicate and connect in the way that best works with their personality.
  10. I embrace collaboration.

More concrete tips can be found at the results page:

Immediately after the webinar, Jussi, Kyla, and I decided to take our own action steps: Jussi took immediate action by calling to a customer and apologizing about very late request to postpone a meeting. Sincere apology was well received. Kyla spoke about ways to improve the webinar experience. Personally, I went to our coffee room and shared the success of the webinar and said thank you to many people who deserved it!  And finally, we all embraced the idea of collaboration. Especially because our very own collaboration in the form of this webinar was just as awesome! Hope to see you at the next one! 🙂

How will you show compassion at your work? Be the change you want to see in YOUR workplace!

What kind of webinars would you like to see in the future?

Based on this experience and the feedback from the audience we will definitely continue to host more HY+ webinars in the future. What topics would you love to hear about? Thank you Linda, one of the participants, as you mentioned the theme “Honesty” as one of the possible topics. That sounds interesting and inspiring to us! We would love to hear your ideas. Please share your thoughts in this Innoduel arena.

Recording of the webinar

Please find the recorded webinar here (30 min):

Many thanks and have an energizing day!

Thanks to all the participants, Kyla and Jussi. It was an amazing experience and we really pushed the envelope when it comes to the concept of hosting a webinar to a whole new level.

To succeed in the future, we all need to keep on learning. We at University of Helsinki HY+ are happy to offer courses and tailored learning experiences to you in Finland and globally. If you want to know more, please connect with me and let’s have a chat about possibilities to cooperate!

Have an energizing day, Ilkka HY+ 🙂

We at Innoduel are super excited to tell you more about the power of co-creation. Just contact Jussi to arrange a chat session or visit our website for inspiration.

Jussi Simolin
customer happiness person
+358 40 747 1793

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