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Industrial Pharmacy

Specialisation studies, post-graduate programme in Industrial Pharmacy

Specialisation studies are designed for professionals who want to deepen their skills in Industrial Pharmacy.

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Specialisation studies in Industrial Pharmacy is a post-graduate programme for pharmacists (both M. Sc and B. Sc. Pharm.) working in pharmaceutical industry in any function: development, production, marketing, clinical studies, regulatory affairs, quality assurance or pharmaceutical whole sale or in regulatory positions related to pharmaceutical industry. First students started the programme in September 2016 and it has already proven to be an excellent platform to develop their own work and their whole work community.

Specialisation is a new long-term training format, which is innovative and complementary to traditional continuing education. Studies provide professional development and know-how to pharmacists who already have some working experience. It is a good way to actively promote your career plan and improve your daily job tasks.

What do the students, who started the programme in 2016 think about it?

Studying takes place alongside work and study plan is tailored individually to support your own development needs. The extent of studies is 60 ECTS for M. Sc. (Pharm.) and 40 ECTS for B. Sc. (Pharm.). Normative duration of studies is 3–4 years.

Student interview: why did I apply?

Dosis: Research in Specialization Studies in Industrial Pharmacy benefits pharmaceutical industry 

Why apply?

  • to obtain better skills for your current job
  • for future management or specialist positions in the pharmaceutical industry
  • to obtain the required qualification for a Qualified Person status application
  • to broaden your skills and knowledge from the current job description to other areas


The start of the programme involves construction and approval of a personal study plan. The studies in this plan will be a tailored combination of the common, compulsory modules as well as optional/elective modules. The optional/elective modules will deepen your knowledge in the speciality area and may be selected also from other university study programmes.

As a part of this education, you will also undertake a scientific research project that will support your own personalised development and the pharmaceutical field more generally. The elective courses can also be chosen on the basis of supporting this research project. The studies should also include international courses or research work.

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Schedule and price

The next application period will take place in 2022. We will announce the exact schedule on our website in early 2022.

Study period

Will be updated in early 2022.


At the premises of the University of Helsinki, Finland


The student fee is 6000 EUR for the M.Sc. graduates in Pharm. and 4000 EUR for the B. Sc. graduates in Pharm.  The fee will be invoiced in  installments during normative duration of studies. The fee may be decreased if any previously completed courses are considered suitable substitutes for those offered in the present programme (up to 1/3 of total programme ECTS), in which case a lower fee is charged for the substituted courses.

In addition to the courses, the study fee covers the personal course planning and advising, research project supervision and evaluation, programme registration and associated administration. You are responsible for your own costs associated with the literature use, travel, accommodation and food expenses as well as studies undertaken outside this programme at other universities.

Cancellation policy

Application is binding. Please note, that if the application is cancelled after the study place is accepted, the first installment of the student fee will be charged (750 € for M.Sc. and 667 € for B.Sc.). Paid student fees will not be refunded.


Eligibility requirements

Specialisation studies in Industrial Pharmacy are designed for M.Sc. and B. Sc. graduates in Pharmacy. Prior to entering the programme you should be employed in pharmaceutical industry (including pharmaceutical whole sale) or in regulatory positions related to pharmaceutical industry and you should have at least one years working experience.

  • application form for B. Sc. (Pharm.) (link will be added soon)
  • application form for M. Sc. (Pharm.) (link will be added soon)

The required attachments for the application by email are (in pdf-format):

  • copy of M. Sc. (Pharm.) or B. Sc. (Pharm.) certificate
  • copy of all the certificates on which applicant expects to receive points

Send all the attachments to pia.vuorinen@hyplus.fi by the end of the application period. Attachments will not be requested afterwards, and points based on unsubmitted attachments are not taken into account when selecting students. Attachments can be submitted via secure email using the University Secure Service at https://securemail.helsinki.fi.

Selection Criteria and Process

The maximum yearly intake is 20 students.

If the number of applicants exceeds the positions available, the following criteria will be used for student selection (with weightings shown in parentheses):

  1. Working experience as M.Sc. or B.Sc. graduate up to 5 years:
    * 2 points/year, maximum 10 points
  2. Continuous professional education (last 5 years, maximum 10 points):
    * academic studies in universities or in universities of applied sciences (1 point/ECTS)
  3. Scientific and/or professional publications and patents (maximum 10 points)
    * 2 points/publication in a scientific journal
    * 1 point/publication or presentation in other professional publications, posters, presentations in professional congresses or patents

The students are elected based on these points. If there are more than one applicant having same amount of points, they will be ranked on the basis of paragraph 1 points. If the points are still even, ranking will be made on the basis of paragraph 2 points and after that basis of paragraph 3 points.

The Selection Board in the Faculty of Pharmacy makes the final decision on the approval of students. Admissions are reported to the students in person.

More information

Professor Anne Juppo, University of Helsinki, anne.juppo@helsinki.fi, tel. +358 50 530 6147
Key Account Manager Sanna Konttinen, HY+, sanna.konttinen@hyplus.fi, tel. +358 50 477 3098

Koronavirustilanteen vaikutus koulutuksiimme
Seuraamme koronavirustilanteen kehittymistä ja noudatamme Suomen hallituksen asettamia rajoitustoimenpiteitä, viranomaisten suosituksia ja Helsingin yliopiston ohjeistusta. Päivitämme tietoa koronavirustilanteen vaikutuksista koulutustemme järjestämiseen tälle sivulle >>